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Here at Pitman Creek Physical Therapy we specialize in treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal conditions where there is loss of movement or function, weakness, and / or pain due to injury or illness, including problems of the:

  • foot/ankle

  • pelvis

  • knee

  • shoulder

  • elbow

  • hip

  • wrist/hand

  • headaches

  • TMJ

  • spine (back, neck)

Physical Therapy in Action



  • Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy


Ideal Weight Loss program

Fitness Consulting

 Functional Employment Testing

Injury Prevention in the Workplace


Both our Ergonomics program and our WorkSTEPS Functional Employment Testing process have been proven to dramatically reduce direct and indirect costs to injuries at work.


Ergonomic Consulting

  • Employees come in all shapes and sizes, and with varying states of health and fitness.

  • Placing all employees into a generic workstation creates an environment which fosters various musculoskeletal injuries, whether acute or cumulative.

  • Ergonomic intervention helps "fit the environment to the employee.


Functional Employment Testing

  • Employers can use post-offer tests to determine if an individual is capable of safely performing essential job functions.

  • Proper use of testing helps "match an employee to the environment".

  • Pitman Creek Physical Therapy is a licensed provider of the WorkSTEPS employment testing program. For more information on this validated, compliant program, visit: www.worksteps.com or call us at (972) 424-5840.

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