What Is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is a health care profession that rehabilitates persons experiencing pain, loss of movement, and/or loss of function. A Physical Therapist performs a careful evaluation, including:
  • Extensive assessment of your history.
  • Observation of your posture and/or alignment.
  • Evaluation of the quantity and quality of your available movement.
  • Testing of your muscle strength, flexibility and/or coordination.
  • Any other special tests needed to assess or understand your problem.
From this evaluation process, the Physical Therapist formulates a treatment plan designed to address each aspect of your problem.
Treatment May Include:
  • Manual (hands-on) techniques to mobilize joints or improve mobility in soft tissue. Might be augmented with tools or integrative dry needling.
  • Instruction and assistance in exercises specific to your problem.
  • Education regarding improved posture, movement patterns and self treatment (management/prevention) techniques.
  • Various forms of heat, cold, light (cold laser) and electrical therapies may be used to complement your hands-on treatment.
The goals of Physical Therapy are to decrease pain and restore normal movement and function. You should consult with your Physical Therapist regarding your own personal rehabilitation goals.
Who is a Physical Therapist
A physical therapist is a:
  • Licensed health care professional (must pass State Board Examination)

  • Who has graduated from an accredited university. Current requirement is Doctoral level, but previously Master's or Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy (coursework in anatomy, physiology, neurology, kinesiology, pathology, psychology, etc)

  • Is required to pursue continuing education to maintain license renewal

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